My first week of daily one hour Acrylic paintings… Trying to get my speed up and not dwell on my paintings… Just finish them

DUMMY HEAD WITH CRAYON… Today’s one hour painting… I feel this is my first failure.. I promised to post what ever I finished in a hour.. Better luck tomorrow

REJECTED BOXTROLLS … a douche… A condom… A pregnancy test… I got bored watching the movie.. So I came up with these

ZOMBIE FINGER PUPPET… Today’s one hour speed painting

It’s Giger pumpkin season at Trader Joes.. It’s also cheap joke season… I had to do extreme close ups … I love the texture

my thoughts continue to creep

ME..still evolving..  photo by my  dear  genius art friend Shadi Petosky 

KING CON KHAN.. RED SHIFT… ballpoint on canvas… I added red to this beast

KING CON KHAN.. Latest ballpoint pen on canvas… This is the blue layer… The Red shift is next

I am a tacky tourist no matter where I go

THE DARK POPE AWOKE… a mutated book of kells Sharpie study

BLUE MEANIE KELLS MUTATE.. Another Sharpie study of The Book of Kells