Happy Easter from L. Deets and Joylessbutcher.. I am trotting out this old chestnut of an Easter Photo Set I took of an old friend.. she is now a few weeks away from having her first kid.. 

A fun Saturday.. I was censored at the house of blues in downtown Disneyland.. the first photo is of the art piece that was deemed inappropriate for the location.. a honor.. then off to Trader Same for a zombie

Look .. Look .. My fan art for STRAY BULLETS got published in the letter column .. go buy yourself a copy.. thank you David Lapham for making the greatest comic ever..

Denny’s Doodle.. a fond flavor who is missing her feels.. I know they will be found again..

Work in progress… THE DISEASE OF ART.. ballpoint on canvas .. should be done by Saturday

Listen to my Pity Party of One… while drawing comics

My students created a monster movie on giant post it notes.. these art beasts drew till the walls were covered.. they watched ultraman, space giants, inframan, Japanese Spiderman, and a turtle full of meat for inspiration.. This is your future America

Liquid Flesh.. a watercolor doodle on a postcard before the blood moon..

"GUN ABS ARE THE MANLIEST ABS" Overheard during class.. My student’s art from class today.. I love these art beasts..

Nerves of Minerva.. final postcard doodle of the night

Wiggly World.. postcard doodle… for one lucky follower

Tonight.. this is what I did for fun…I drew the eye vagina.. in between selling my doodles at the vault

SIX DEMON BAG.. A watercolor scribble done under the influence of Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers.. which demons do I let out and which do I keep?

Look upon my Mighty works and despair.. kidding.. These pieces of art will be on sale tonight at The Vault .. downtown Redlands.. from 9pm to Last Call.. Can’t make the show..and you want some art.. email me at