BOOK COVER ART.. DARK FORCES edition.. On a Library trip I noticed these artifacts from the 1980’s… airbrushed stiff teenagers menaced by Supernatural  Jazz Hands… almost all popular fiction book covers got the airbrushed treatment 

BREAKFAST MINI COMICS… Me and my students made one piece of paper folded mini comics about breakfast.. This is the one I started.. I will post the whole thing tomorrow.. along with my students best breakfast gags

Today was full of teaching.. What strange creative beasts… we made mini comics about breakfast.. learned the rule of thirds.. how to draw to 10 in Mayan

Book cover art.. THE EXECUTIONER EDITION.. Another library trip i stumbled upon a hit or miss collection…For every decade the Executioner has been around his covers get a revamp(same with Bond books but the art cover became silhouettes you could project the actor who was playing the movie Bond..then later shifted back to pulpy art in last couple of decades)..
From The Executioner early editions of the painted covers of the beginning.. The action image money shot under the title.. With the portrait of Executioner in the middle of the title..
The covers I first saw were in the 1980’s ..on was an airbrushed image of The Executioner…holding a gun.. The title slanted and a number.. No money shot..(the library didn’t have an example).. Now the more recent covers are no sizzle Photoshop photos.. Cheap syfy channel aesthetic.. Dad fiction you be missed.

Book cover Art evolution.. The Angelique Stories.. Library trips make me seek out comforting patterns..I like how this series went from soft core pulp photos actors…back to drawings.. Did these changes help sales? So many questions..about things nobody thinks about anymore…

QUEEN UNKNOWN… Ballpoint pen on mini canvas .. The live drawing from Saturday night’s NERDPOP’s Drink and Draw at The House of Blues: San Diego… It was fun.. This doodle is available for your art needs..message me..

GOD SIZED HOLE FOR HUMANS… Ballpoint ink on mini canvas… A live drawing I did Friday night at The House of Blues.. San Diego on the Voodoo Stage… It was sold.. Before I finished..

WELCOME TO THE MEATCAVE Fan Art for Rav.. First image with the word balloons.. Second just the art.. Go to so you can enjoy the madness ..submit your fan art..


I will be at THE HOUSE OF BLUES  San Diego from 4pm to 10.. today and tomorrow for COMIC CON… With The Nerdpop crew.. I will be selling and making art.. come by if you need a breather from Comic Con proper.. Hell, come make art with us.. if you can’t be there  we will be streaming:

if you say you saw this on Tumblr.. I will give you a kid robot yummy doughnut zipper pull

THE LESSER TEMPTATIONS OF THE GREATER SALCIDO… Final ballpoint pen on mini canvas of the night..enjoy…

A commission of the Budweiser b on mini canvas in ballpoint..

I went to Gotham City and all I got was this mug shot.. Channeling my inner Affleck…

BAT PUSSY HEAVEN… In Honor of Batman Day.. I mutated a thrift store painting(bottom picture)… Into a creepy acrylic tribute to the caped crusader.. 75 long years…may they exploit your copyright for a hundred more

YOU ARE THE SHOE.. I AM THE HAT… My favorite character from SNOWPIERCER… MASON.. I love Tilda Swinton in her Ayn Rand/Margo Tannenbaum/Margaret Thatcher drag… If you look up pictures of Ayn Rand.. You will see…

  I like how Ayn Rand is becoming the go to source of Science Fiction ideas for popular culture to borrow heavily from and make video games and movies for a couple of generations that don’t read to good or at all. Philip K Dick still suffers the honor of ideas being plundered the most without much honor.

  With that said ..I loved SNOWPIERCER… Every moment… A clever version of ATLAS SHRUGGED,where all the boring parts removed.. And is elegantly taunted every chance the film gets.. I know that movie is based on a French graphic novel.. I haven’t read yet.. But I read ATLAS SHRUGGED out of curiosity.. This film made that slog worth it.. The class room scene was one of my favorites.. Watch SNOWPIERCER however you can..